Let me introduce myself.My name is Milan SIMR. I was born in 1962 in Příbram / 50 km southern  of Pra of Prague / and lived until I was 18. I wanted to become a designer like Kelly Johnson or Sbaro  because I didn´t believe in my pilot´s career. I admired all aircraft and started with modelling when I was 10 years old.

   My first flight was on glider L-13 Blaník in 1980, next year I flew on the legendary training aircraft Zlín Z-126 / army code C-105 / as pre-military flying training before joining The Pilot´s Academy in Košice /now  Slovakia /. After theory in the first one and half years I started on the next legendary Czech legendary training aircraft Aero L-29 Dolphin. We had two versions L-29 and single seat L-29RS. We flew about 80 flying hours. Next year we flew moderner Aero L-39 in all versions C,V and ZA. It gave next 80 flying hours. At the end of Academy we started to fly on “real jets“ – MiG-21U and F and flew  about 50 flying hours.  After graduating I joined the 47th reconnaissance air regiment in Hradec Keálové. It was one of the biggiest Air Force Bases , where there were two squadrons armed with MiG-21R,MA,US,UM , one with Su-22M4, UM3K and one with L-29R. after cancelling of this regiment on 1993, I was statined in Náměšť , where the 20th fighter-bombing regiment , armed with Su-22,25 and L-29,39. I worked as a flight safety officer in the rank major.From 2009 I am working as Deputy of Wing  Commander and my rank is Lietenant-Colonel.  I have three children, older daughter Catherine / 19 / and twins- daughter Pauline and boy Martin / 17 /. We live in Třebíč. It is a small town 50 km west of Brno.